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If you need help looking for work – part-time or full-time – within the UK, Universal Jobmatch is arguably one of the best places to start. Replacing the Job Centre search system of old, Universal Jobmatch was set up some years ago to help make finding work and experience easier for those struggling to make money. As part of certain UK benefits requirements, looking for work and applying for jobs is a requirement – meaning that it is now easier than ever for anyone in the UK to find a role or experience that suits their talents and interests. Anyone can call the Universal Jobmatch helpline on 0845 601 2001 for more information on the jobs and positions available to them in their area, or for more advice on preparing to work.

Universal Jobmatch customer services exist to add more of a support link to those currently finding their way through the online catalogue, account and search system. The system has been greatly updated over the past five years and is therefore simple to use without intervention from any staff unless requested – but there may be some occasions where you either wish or need to speak to a member of the Universal Jobmatch support team. We will cover these in more detail – and we have also included a handy table for you below to find exactly where you need to go should you wish to call the helpline regarding employment and local vacancies.


Universal Jobmatch came into force in 2012, during which time the main GOV.UK website, representing the various bodies, wings and services of the UK government, were streamlined into a more user-friendly experience. The new job search website was developed by job hunting website Monster, and was built as both a way for people to find new jobs easier, and for job searching to tie in with job seeker’s allowance. While it is not a requirement to be registered for Universal Jobmatch, those claiming related benefits are encouraged to do so to help assist their claims.

Why might I need to call Universal Jobmatch support?

Universal Jobmatch has been set up and designed to allow jobseekers to find roles and experience in their area without the need to visit their local Job Centre or to take extended time out of their day to hunt for work. Certainly, the website has been designed to make the whole experience that little bit more user-friendly. While people are encouraged to use the website as much as possible when it comes to addressing their job searching concerns, there may be occasions where you need to call the Universal Jobmatch contact number for additional advice. Here are just some of the reasons why you may need to do so:

  1. Setting up your online account
  2. Concerns regarding a job posting
  3. Technical difficulty with the website
  4. CV and cover letter queries
  5. Application queries
  6. Usability queries
  7. Queries relating to Job Centre Plus

Universal Jobmatch, while a useful tool for finding work and experience, does not cover the benefits system nor do they supply advanced support on finding work. The website is set up largely to help you find your own way in looking for work, and the Universal Jobmatch phone number is therefore in place to help assist with your registration and use of the online services. Concerns directly related to your eligibility for work, and all related matters, should always be directed via Job Centre Plus – as they can also help you ensure that you are ready for interviews and that you are approaching the right jobs in an effective fashion. Universal Jobmatch and Job Centre Plus operate together in helping everyone from all walks of life find jobs and work experience.


How do I apply for a job?

Applying for a job has never been easier – simply click the ‘apply’ button that appears in a job listing and you will either be able to supply your own CV and cover letter (which you may have uploaded), or you will be taken to an external recruitment website. Either way, you will be able to submit your CV and application in mere minutes!

Can I store my CV and cover letter on the website?

Yes – Monster has updated the government’s job search facility to enable ‘quick’ applications, so that you may use the same CV for several job postings. You can upload a CV and cover letter in an appropriate .doc format, however, it is recommended that you vary your cover letter to each job you apply for. There are some schools of thought, too, that believe you should also tailor your CV slightly on each occasion. This, however, will depend upon the roles you are applying for.

I’m having difficulty setting up and using the site – what do I do?

This is where the Universal Jobmatch customer services team come in. A quick call to their helpline on 0844 556 9355 will allow you to seek support and advice on how to register, login, and even use the service. This means that if you are uncomfortable using the website for the first time, or are experiencing technical difficulties, there is always a friendly member of staff on hand to help you through the process as and when you need them.

How to make a complaint

While Universal Jobmatch’s scope, in comparison with other government departments, may be rather small, you can still contact them for further information or support should you have a concern you wish to put in writing. They offer a handy web form through which you can do so. A Universal Jobmatch complaints telephone number does not exist at this time, however, you are encouraged to call the helpline for any support you may need. You may also find it helpful to write directly to the Department of Work and Pensions if you have any related concerns.

Universal Jobmatch contact details

Visit the official GOV Website https://www.gov.uk/jobsearch.



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Universal Jobmatch

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