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If you are considering moving to the UK and are unsure where to start, or if you are currently living in the country but are regarded as a non-EU national, it is highly likely that you will already have considered getting in touch with UK Visas and Immigration support. The Home Office is responsible for the control of all international workers and travellers coming in and out of the country, and while there are circumstances through which you may be able to visit without concern, it is important to understand whether or not your trip or stay falls within UK law.

The UK Visas and Immigration helpline, managed by the Home Office, can be contacted on 0844 556 9344 within the UK. This is the number to call if you have any concerns regarding your status while residing in the country, or if you need to report any circumstances regarding your visit. It is highly important that you inform the Home Office of any changes to your circumstances, and that you oblige by any laws set down. If you do not, you may face legal action or even expulsion from the UK. The UK Visas and Immigration telephone service is therefore set up to help people from all around the world to stay in the country for work or even asylum-related reasons.

What are the main reasons for calling the UK Visas and Immigration helpline?

Your reasons for calling, of course, will depend entirely upon your personal circumstances and where you are in the world at present. You may wish to work in the UK for a short period, an extended visit, or you may even need to seek asylum. The helpline is here to help address any concerns or queries you may have on behalf of the Home Office, and to ensure that your stay is kept legal and above board at all times. GOV.UK has a useful online guide to help you get started in understanding UK visas and asylum seeking, however, there may be occasions where you need to speak to a member of team. For example, complex or lengthy queries may not be easily addressed online.

Some of the reasons why you may need to call UK Visas and Immigration customer services today could include:

  1. Arrival enquiries and processes
  2. EU and EEA visits and movement
  3. Working Visa applications
  4. Sponsorship applications
  5. Appeal filing
  6. ILR enquiries
  7. Legal advice
  8. Study Visa enquiries
  9. Short and long stay enquiries
  10. Reporting a change in circumstances
  11. Arranging for Family Visas
  12. Asylum claim support

It is not hard to see that UK Visas and Immigration customer services field a large number of queries and are therefore required to operate on a whole host of different levels. This means that you may benefit from seeking out the department or area you need to call before getting in contact with the Home Office. Below, we have created a UK Visas and Immigration phone number directory – and here is just a brief overview of the areas covered within this Home Office department:

  1. Asylum
  2. Working Visas
  3. Family Visas
  4. Immigration Appeals
  5. EU, EEA and Commonwealth
  6. Indefinite Leave to Remain (ILR)
  7. Student Visas
  8. Short Stay Visas
  9. Transit Visas
  10. Statelessness
  11. UK Arrivals

Whether you’re an EU national or from further afield, you can always turn to the UK Visas and Immigration support number for help and advice.

Making a complaint

Much in the same vein as other governmental departments, there is an open policy on complaints. While most queries are recommended to be fielded via the UK Visas and Immigration telephone number, you are free to address any complex concerns or grievances in writing via the Home Office. We have included the address you may wish to write to on such an occasion at the bottom of this page.

The Home Office advise that complaints regarding the department’s professional conduct or quality of service should be made in writing – as any appeals or other concerns may be better fielded by the specific department or hotline in place. There is currently no dedicated UK Visas and Immigration complaints telephone number in place, however, there are a variety of areas and specialist departments you can contact if you are in need of help. Simply refer to our directory of numbers in the table above for more information.


I am an EU/EEA citizen. Will I need a permit or visa?

At present, if you hail from a nation that is a member of the European Union or European Economic Area, you do not need to apply for visas such as those which entitle you to work. However, there may be other circumstances through which you may be restricted. In any case, it is highly recommended that you call UK Visas and Immigration on 0844 556 9344 should you be unsure of your status.

What will happen to my working / habiting status once the UK leaves the EU?

UK citizens polled to agree to remove the country’s membership from the European Union in July 2016. At present, the government is progressing with plans to settle the resignation, with a negotiating period of up to (and likely) two years once a clause known as Article 50 is invoked. It is not currently clear on what will happen to those EU nationals currently working or living in the UK, however, details will be thoroughly discussed and advised to the public ahead of any changes to policy. Upon the UK leaving the EU, you may need to apply for a visa.

I am unhappy with the decision made regarding my application for asylum. What do I do?

GOV.UK has laid out the appeals process for you in detail – as you are entitled to challenge any decisions made on the status of your residency in the UK, asylum or otherwise. This helpful guide outlines exactly what you will need to do next, who to turn to for advice, and more besides. Alternatively, the UK Visas and Immigration contact number will offer you a wealth of advice on what you need to do next.

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