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The UK Home Office is responsible for a wealth of information and support on a variety of means that affect the British way of life, and indeed citizenship. It is a wing or department of the government that is not only responsible for ensuring that UK citizens are protected and are governed by a working law system, but are also in charge of controlling immigration and citizenship on a whole. It is therefore unsurprising that many people find that they need to contact Home Office advice should they wish to gain citizenship, to seek asylum, or even to report such matters.

The Home Office also governs the HM Passport Office, meaning that all requests for UK passports will travel directly through their support system for investigation. They are also in control of the fire and emergency services, for providing support to the border force, and to advise on a number of legal policies and areas through which law is enforced. Their aim, ultimately, is to ensure that the British public is safe, and to make sure that UK citizenship is controlled and kept secure at all times. If you have a query relating to any matters – from immigration to freedom of information, and even CCTV footage requests, you can call the Home Office contact number on 0844 556 9344 from Monday to Friday.

The Home Office and GOV.UK portal advises that visa applications and immigration enquiries can easily be forwarded via the main website – however, there may be occasions where you feel you need to speak to Home Office customer services directly, for example if your circumstances are relatively complex, or if you are struggling to find the information and help that you need online. We will be looking into a few of the reasons why you may wish to call the Home Office support number below – but we have firstly put together a guide on the numbers you can call to make sure you reach the right member of staff for your enquiry.

Why might I need Home Office support?

While the Home Office is, on the whole, a far-reaching body that has a great amount of responsibility for all UK citizens, they also have measures and guidelines in place so that individual members of the public can contact them directly for a variety of support and assistance. Some of the main reasons why you may wish to call the Home Office phone number can include:

  1. General enquiries
  2. Information on immigration policy
  3. Applying for a visa
  4. Applying for a passport
  5. Appealing a decision made
  6. Giving feedback
  7. Requesting CCTV footage
  8. Requesting information
  9. Information on legal procedures and services
  10. Tribunal services

This means that there are a number of contact lines that you can call should you have a specific query, need, or wish to speak to a dedicated member of their team. We have enclosed a list of such numbers above for you in our table, however, the departments that the Home Office split themselves into can be listed as follows:

  1. Customer Services
  2. Accessibility Services
  3. Immigration Enquiries
  4. Immigration Enforcement
  5. News Desk and Media Enquiries
  6. Passport Complaints
  7. Tribunal System
  8. Disclosure and Barring
  9. Freedom of Information Requests
  10. CCTV Requests

The Home Office is just as much about giving you information on their policies and services as they are about divulging information on you – meaning that if you wish to see any information that the government and their agencies may have based on your UK citizenship, all you ever need to do is call.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I apply for a UK Passport?

If you’re a British citizen, you can apply for a passport at any time for a fee via the GOV.UK website, via a local Post Office branch, or you can find out more by calling the Home Office directly. It can take up to six weeks for your first adult passport to be processed and delivered to you – meaning that you should always give yourself plenty of time to apply before you intend to travel.

I’d like to know what information the government holds on me – how do I find out?

The Freedom of Information Act and procedures have allowed the government to break down much of the barriers that once stood in the way of public requests. While you can always make such requests in writing or online, you can call the relevant department directly on 0844 556 9344. This dedicated team will be able to assess any current needs you may have, can process new requests, or simply give you information or advice on the process as a whole.

I have a complaint regarding the passport application process, who do I call?

While there is not currently a dedicated Home Office complaints telephone number in place, there is a telephone number that you can call should you wish to air concerns regarding passport applications. Simply call 0844 556 9344 from Monday to Saturday and the team will be happy to help address any concerns you may have.

How do I apply for a UK visa?

Your eligibility for a visa will depend entirely upon why you are coming to the UK – for example if you are undertaking voluntary work, a long-term placement, or even a summer job. There is more information available online for you to peruse and apply through at your leisure.

Making a complaint

While, as discussed, there is no dedicated complaints number in place at this time, you can always contact the Home Office Complaints Allocation Hub – this is a centre for all complaints forwarded in writing, either via post or via email. We have included details on who to contact at the bottom of this page.

How To Contact The Home Office

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