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If you care for someone full time who is unable to look after themselves as they might normally be able to, you can seek support from the DWP (Department of Work and Pensions) in the form of a benefit that can be paid to you for care you give. Caring for a family member, friend or member of the community can often be a full-time job – one, which while rewarding, can often provide financial struggles. Luckily, the carer’s allowance contact number is in place to help those who help others – and you can call to find out exactly what you may be entitled to while looking after another.

Carer’s allowance is, like other forms of grant and benefit funded by the government, subject to checks and measures as well as an eligibility criteria. Those eligible for the fund must, firstly, spend over 35 hours per week caring for an individual, and the individual in question must be in receipt of certain benefits. We will, of course, cover these in more detail further down. In any case, however, you can contact carer’s allowance customer services on 0844 556 9350 for impartial advice and applications.

We have also provided a guide below on the areas you may need to call when applying for the fund, or when seeking advice on eligibility. While carer’s allowance is just one of the areas covered by the DWP, there are several telephone contacts available to help you reach the correct member of the carer’s allowance support staff. Please see below.

Reasons why people contact carer’s allowance support

There are a number of reasons why you may wish to call the support team regarding a carer’s allowance support claim. You may be a new claimant, you may have recently started caring for another and wish to know more about the fund available, or you may already be claiming the benefit and wish to know more about future payments and entitlement.

Alternatively the carer’s allowance helpline is a great place to start if you need specific help with a certain issue related to the fund, or if you are concerned about the effect that the allowance can have on both the care receiver’s and your own benefits. This is a legitimate query, as claiming this type of support can have a knock-on effect for the payments you receive elsewhere for both parties. We will cover this area in our FAQs section, however, calling the carer’s allowance telephone number will also provide you with the further information you need.

Making a complaint

Any complaints regarding the benefits application process or the manner in which your claim is being processed should be fielded directly by the support team on 08445569350. This is the general enquiries number – however, without a dedicated carer’s allowance complaints telephone number in place at this time, it is always the best port of call for any queries that you may need addressing head-on. The DWP runs many departments and therefor cannot unfortunately offer a dedicated complaints service to each wing that they operate – however, they do advise that any complaints regarding the DWP can be put to them in writing via post. We have included address information for you at the bottom of this page.


How do I apply?

There are a number of ways through which you can start a claim for carer’s allowance, starting with via the GOV.UK website. They have streamlined their online services in recent years to make it easier for claimants to find information and for benefits to be processed. You can also call the carer’s allowance phone number for more support, or you can even print off a paper form to fill in and return via post.

How much can I receive from carer’s allowance, and when does it get paid?

Carer’s allowance is currently capped at £69.70 per week, which is in place to be offered to certain claimants offering 35 hours of care per week. This amount can be cleared directly to an account within a schedule of your choosing, usually paid weekly in advance or every 4 weeks. The schedule you choose is entirely up to you and is not dictated by any criteria.

Which benefits do the care receiver need to be claiming so that I may be eligible?

The person that you care for needs to be currently receiving specific benefits from the DWP in order for you to be eligible for the carer’s allowance fund. The person you care for must be receiving Disability Living Allowance, Attendance or Constant Attendance Allowance, a Personal Independence Payment, an Armed Forces Independence Payment, or Industrial Injuries Payments and War Disablement Pension Payments in line with Constant Attendance.

I’m under 16 years old and am in full-time education, am I eligible?

If you are under 16 years of age, you are not eligible for the fund – if you are in full-time education at any age, you are also declared ineligible. Restrictions will also apply if you live with the armed forces abroad, or if you earn over £110 per week after tax and other deductions.

Which benefits will be affected by my claiming the allowance?

Both your current benefits and the person cared for’s payments will be affected. This is to ensure that both parties can continue to receive what is judged to be fair, calculated financial support. The person you are caring for will no longer benefit from council tax reductions, pension credit add-ons for severe disability, and other premiums related to disability severity. Your benefits may be affected, but GOV.UK advises that the total you receive will normally level out, meaning that you should not expect to see a reduction in the money you receive.

Contact carer’s allowance help – other methods

If you’d like to know more about the work that the DWP do, or if you’d like to get in touch with a member of the team via social media, the best port of call is their Twitter account – follow and tweet them here for more information.The DWP has released a PDF to download which includes a list of all applicable department addresses.View The Official GOV Site


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