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2023 Update: Housing Benefit is being replaced by Universal Credit. You can only make a new claim for Housing Benefit if you have either reached state pension age, or you’re in supported, sheltered or temporary housing.

If you are living in the UK and are subject to a low wage or are on other state benefits, you may be eligible for housing benefit. This type of allowance is granted to citizens who struggle to pay their ground rent and other housing arrears, making it straightforward for those on a low income to be able to rent housing at a fraction of the normal cost. Housing benefit support is available to UK citizens up and down the country, and it is handled by the Department of Work and Pensions (DWP), who also process and oversee state benefits elsewhere on behalf of the government. Jobcentre Plus, too, are responsible for ensuring that your local council is made aware of any applicable housing benefits that you may be claiming.

The GOV.UK website has a fantastic range of help guides and criteria for you to read and learn more on, however, the housing benefit helpline is always available for you to call should you wish to seek support from a member of staff.

You can call housing benefit customer services on 0844 556 9342, which will put you in touch with a member of the Jobcentre Plus team. This department will be able to handle any queries you may have regarding your eligibility for the benefit, and will also aid you in finding further help on other state welfare that you may be entitled to. The housing benefit contact number runs directly through the Jobcentre Plus – meaning that if you are also a job seeker or need to claim other benefits, you can do so without needing to call an alternative line.

If you need to contact housing benefit staff, you can do so through various different numbers. The above number quoted is the main line, however, if you have any concerns related to other benefit queries, there are other areas and specialisms you can call within Jobcentre Plus – and we have listed the most relevant departments for you in a table below. We have also included details on who to write to if you feel you need to escalate a matter or to get in touch via post. Whether you call the housing benefit telephone number or get in touch via mail, there are many ways through which you can get the help you need without having to worry about being left in the dark.

When will I need to contact housing benefit staff?

If you are currently claiming other state benefits, are on a low income or are looking for work, you may be entitled to a percentage of your ground rent and expenses catered for by a regular grant from the DWP. If you are currently claiming jobseeker’s allowance and are unsure whether or not you qualify for housing benefit, you can call the team at any time or visit your local Jobcentre Plus. While any issues regarding your benefit entitlement and other regards will likely be addressed during regular meetings you may have regarding your job seeking, the housing benefit contact number is always available for you to contact in the event of an emergency, a concern outside of your Jobcentre appointment time, or if you simply need a member of staff to help with complex queries.

Here are just a few of the reasons why you may wish to call the team today:

  1. Setting up a new claim
  2. Making an adjustment to an existing claim
  3. Enquiring regarding other benefits
  4. Making a complaint
  5. Appealing a decision made
  6. General enquiries
  7. Checking eligibility
  8. Advising of changes to your circumstances

As you can see, while housing benefit customer services are available first and foremost to help you get registered for the allowance, they can help in other ways, too. This makes for all the more reason to give them a call if you are in any doubt about the status of your benefits, how much you should be receiving, or if you are even eligible for the fund. We will go into more detail about some of the benefit’s most frequently asked questions below.

Making a complaint

No one likes making complaints unless they have to – but there may be an occasion where you feel you need to escalate a particular concern about the way your claim is being handled, or if you feel that the decision made on your benefit claim was unjust or unfair. The DWP and Jobcentre Plus advise, first and foremost, that any queries or concerns regarding decisions made about your housing benefit claim should be forwarded to their helpline – or, where possible, via your local Jobcentre Plus branch.

Your local Jobcentre Plus may be able to help with a range of escalated queries – however, there may be occasions where you wish to complain about the level of service you have received from a centre or the DWP itself. In these scenarios, you are encouraged to either write to or call your local Jobcentre Plus directly to raise a complaint, or to write to the applicable DWP address. We have included postal details for this address at the bottom of the page.


How much housing benefit may I be entitled to?

There is no set amount for housing benefit – it will all depend on a number of criteria, for example your employment circumstances, how much you currently pay on rent, and the age of people in your home. As it stands for private renting, however, you could receive a weekly amount of up to £260.64 per week for one bedroom or shared accommodation, and up to £417.02 per week for up to four bedrooms. There is a comprehensive guide and list on what you may receive via the GOV.UK website.

What makes me eligible for housing benefit?

You’ll be eligible for the grant if you are on a low income, are receiving state welfare, are paying rent and have savings below £16,000. These parameters are generally used to judge fairly whether or not a claimant is entitled to extra support. There are, however, a number of ways through which you can become ineligible for the grant – meaning that you are not always guaranteed to claim the benefit even if you meet the initial criteria.

What could stop me claiming the benefit?

If you are in full-time education, live with a relative, are an asylum seeker (or are under immigration control), have savings of over £16,000 or are a job seeker from the European Economic Area (EEA), you will unfortunately not be eligible for housing benefit awards. These guidelines are set up to ensure that only those who truly need the grant the most can receive welfare where necessary. It is also important that you let the Jobcentre or DWP know if there are any changes to your or your family’s circumstances, as these may alter your eligibility for a certain amount of benefit. It’s therefore always worthwhile to keep contact details to hand.

Can I claim Universal Credit at the same time?

No – if you are receiving this type of benefit, you will not likely be able to receive housing benefit as an additional source of income. This may, however, be subject to the type of housing you love in. If you have any concerns, it is always worthwhile getting in touch via the housing benefit phone number on 0844 556 9342, as a member of the team will be able to advise you further.

Where is my local Jobcentre Plus branch?

If you’re not sure where your local Jobcentre is, or you are unsure how to get there, the government has set up a great branch finder so that you can simply enter your postcode and be directed to your nearest area of support. You can find the branch locator by clicking here.

How do I claim?

If you are interested in claiming for housing benefit, it is advisable that you do so alongside a number of other benefits that you may be entitled to. This means that it is advised you apply for the benefit alongside your jobseeker’s allowance or income support where possible. Once you have filed your claim, Jobcentre Plus will assess your eligibility and will be back in touch with you to let you know how much you may be entitled to receive.

Is there a complaints line?

There is no dedicated housing benefit complaints telephone number at this time – however, you can always call the helpline or visit your local Jobcentre Plus if you wish to raise a concern. You can also write to the DWP directly if you are concerned regarding the way the department has handled your query.

How To Contact DWP (Housing Benefits)

If you’d like to know more about the work that the DWP do, or if you’d like to get in touch with a member of the team via social media, the best port of call is their Twitter account – follow and tweet them here for more information.


The DWP has released a PDF to download which includes a list of all applicable department addresses.

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