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If you ever need to leave the country, regardless of whether or not you are a UK citizen and can prove it, you are going to need to make sure you have a UK issued passport. Passports are hugely important as they are evidence of you having provided the UK Home Office with a series of provable and identifiable information that can support who you are and your rights to travel freely. Passports are also generally recognised as the best form of identification for any applications or purchases that you may need to verify your age and status for. Therefore, if you are in need of a new passport, or simply need to apply for your first one, you can contact Passport Office personnel for help on 0844 556 9340

A department of the Home Office, which itself is a wing of the UK government, Passport Office support is available to anyone who may be considering travelling abroad or who may be in need of additional documentation to prove their identity. Certainly, it’s recommended that as many people as possible who are UK Citizens apply for one – it’s an asset to anyone who travels regularly or who needs to verify who they are for security purposes. The application process for a UK passport has change over the years, but Passport Office customer services make it simple and easy to follow. You can fill in a simple form online, or you can even get in touch with the team via telephone at your convenience. The online form will request various pieces of information from you, and you will be required to provide certain information such as your passport photos, your accompanying birth certification or driving licenses to support the process. You can, of course, also apply for your passport via your local Post Office.

The UK Passport Office prides itself on offering a secure and impenetrable database of UK citizenship records, meaning that your application will always be confidential and protected with the utmost in care and security protocols. This is great news for anyone looking to get in touch with the Passport Office helpline due to safety concerns – there is unbeatable security in place to ensure that your records – and everyone else’s – are locked up tight for no outside access to infiltrate.

If you need to get in touch via the Passport Office contact number, you can do so seven days a week – and we have made matters even easier for you by breaking down the various numbers that you can call via a table we have built for you below. We also go into further detail about how Passport Office customer services can help you, what you can expect from their team, and how you can get in touch with them through alternative means. Whatever you may need them for, we have your contact methods covered!

When you may need to get in touch

While calling the Passport Office phone number is easy and straightforward to do, you may not know exactly when calling them may be required. While much of the application process is automated online and more information can be obtained by getting in touch with your local Post Office, the helpline is available to help check the progress of your application and to allay any fears you may have regarding the process in general. This, again, is great news for anyone who may be concerned about the way in which such applications are handled. The long story short is, of course, they are handled with care!

Here are just a few ways through which the Passport Office telephone number can help you today:

  1. General enquiries
  2. Chasing applications
  3. Complaints
  4. Pricing enquiries
  5. Security enquiries
  6. Complex queries
  7. Online help
  8. Branch help

The Passport Office may not be departmentalised as thoroughly as other areas of government such as the colossal HMRC, but it is still run by a team of dedicated and efficient professionals who care about your data and that you receive your passport through the post as soon as possible. If anything, the services are advising that they are offering quick turnarounds at present – meaning that you may be able to get off and away sooner rather than later!


How long will it take for me to receive my passport?

It is advised that it can take up to three weeks as standard for you to receive an adult or child passport that you may be renewing. It can take a little longer for new passports, with the general consensus offered that you may need to wait between 4 and 6 weeks to receive and entirely new piece of documentation. You can, however, speed this process up – you can choose an expedited passport application service by opting for 1 day Premium or 1 week Fast Track services. You will, however, need to book an appointment at a Passport Customer Service Centre.

Where is my nearest Passport Customer Service Centre?

If you’d like to take advantage of expedited passport services, or if you have been requested to attend an interview, you can find your nearest office through this online locator. This tool can be used to help you find the quickest route to a speedy passport.

How much will my passport cost?

This will depend entirely upon the type of passport you are applying for, and the type of delivery you choose. The normal service will cost adults a standard £72.50 for 32 pages, £85.50 for 48 pages, or £46.00 for children under the age of 16. You can even take advantage of the Post Office Check and Send service for an additional fee of £9.50. One day and one week services can cost considerably more, with the former costing £128 and the latter costing at least £103.

What is the Check and Send service?

When you send your passport application in for approval, there may still be a chance of some of your form being rejected – it is always important to make sure that you are completing your form correctly, and in the absence of any doubt there are many people who opt for the Post Office’s Check and Send service. This is a premium service that will ensure that you have filled in your relevant documentation in correctly, ensuring that there are no unnecessary delays to you receiving your passport in the coming weeks. This, however, is not a service that you can use through online applications, meaning that you will need to apply via Post Office branch if you wish to take advantage of someone checking your details before they are forwarded to the Passport Office.

Where can my passport take me?

The Passport Office issues passports to UK citizens who wish to travel anywhere in the world – current passports also have a special in-built feature that allow you to pass through automated gates when checking in at either side. It should also be noted, however, that passports may be subject to change once the UK leaves the European Union in a few years’ time. These changes will be rolled out to citizens in advance.

What happens if I lose my passport?

If you lose your passport, or if you believe it to have been stolen, the best thing to do is to report it missing to the Passport Office. Passport Office telephone number support will be able to guide you through the process of cancelling the documentation – alternatively, you can cancel your missing passport online by visiting the dedicated website. It is important to cancel any passports that are beyond your control as they may be used fraudulently against you. Many insurance carriers will be able to replace passports for you at the cost of an excess fee.

Making a complaint

No one really likes to make complaints unless they absolutely have to. There may be occasions where you feel you need to escalate a concern with regard to the way in which your passport application has been handled – and this is welcomed by the Passport Office. It is highly recommended that you call the office directly on 0844 556 9340 – however, you can also put concerns to the team in writing via their postal address. We have included details for your records at the bottom of this page.

When making a complaint to the Passport Office, be sure to include as much contact information as you can and to advise of exactly why you wish to complain. Unfortunately, there is no dedicated Passport Office complaints telephone number in place at this time.

Other ways to contact the Passport Office for support

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While there is not a dedicated channel for the Passport Office on social media at this time, you can follow the Home Office on Twitter for the latest news on passport control.


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