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If you’re over 18 and own or rent a property, it’s highly likely you already know more than a little bit about the fees and bills that you are expected to pay in order to keep your household ticking over. One of the main bills which you are expected to pay regularly is council tax – and there are many council tax helpline services set up throughout the UK to help you understand your bill calculations, how to pay and more besides. Council tax is a necessity for all whom reside in a UK property – and whom pay bills and rent – as the funds generated from the tax pays towards a huge proportion of local council-run services.

Such services can include emergency and fire services, waste disposal and road maintenance. All public services that many people living, renting and owning may depend upon under certain circumstances. Without council tax, for example, you wouldn’t be able to dispose of rubbish and waste so easily – and who could you call if you had an accident or experienced a fire in your home? Many people overlook just how important the upkeep and funding of council tax is – which is why there is such dedication to providing council tax support to people up and down the country.

As your local council will differ from others scattered throughout the UK, there will be dedicated support services and council tax customer services based in your own region – however, there are also generic services and support lines that you can call, the most beneficial of which we have compiled for you in a table below.

Reasons for calling regarding Council Tax

Most councils, if not all, will have a dedicated web portal for you to visit – there is also GOV.UK’s helpful overview of the fee which gives a little more information on who should have to pay and why. You will, of course, also be able to call council tax contact number services and more besides based upon where you live – and your reasons for calling may well differ on each occasion. Councils can be useful in a variety of different areas, and it is therefore important to keep in touch with them regarding paying your tax.

You may need to call council tax customer service number if you wish to make a payment, if you need to set up a payment plan, or if you are struggling to fund the bill you have received. They are also on hand to help if you feel that there has been a miscalculation in your bill, or if you are entitled to certain tax breaks (single people, for example, if living alone, are entitled to a percentage of their bill deducted each year).

Calling the council tax telephone number for your region will also put you in touch with a professional who will be able to connect you to the right department or area should your query stretch into another field. You will also be able to query your tax band, which is used to determine how much tax you pay based on where you live. Factors such as the building you live in, your proximity to certain services and other facilities will all be taken into account.

Council tax relief can be provided either via calling the relevant helpline or by contacting the DWP directly.

Making a complaint

There is unfortunately no catch-all council tax complaints telephone number set up at this time – however, you are encouraged to get in touch with your local council or authority to address any concerns with your relevant officials directly. This way, you can receive dedicated support efficiently and effectively. GOV.UK has a handy local council finder tool available on their website here.


Do I have to pay council tax?

If you are over 18 years of age and are considered an adult, it is likely that you will be expected to pay council tax. However, if you are not considered an adult and there is no one else in your property also considered this way, you may be entitled to a 50% discount. You do not need to be under 18 to not be considered as an adult – if you are under 20 and in full time education, are a student nurse, are severely mentally impaired or are on a specific apprenticeship, for example, you may be eligible for such a discount.

What affects my council tax pricing, can it go up or down?

Your council tax bill can indeed increase or decrease year on year, depending upon a number of factors. These can be as diverse as physical changes being made to your property, if you are running a business from your home, if there are new roads or other public amenities being built nearby, or if another property or properties in your local area have recently experienced tax band changes. You will be advised of any changes and the fees expected of you in each year’s bill, which will normally arrive via post.

How often do I need to pay council tax?

Council tax bills are commonly required to be paid in ten instalments every year – this means that you will likely be requested to pay for council tax on a monthly basis from April to January each year, with the option to pay via direct debit or on a per-payment basis. You can even call your local council tax helpline to do so.

How do I pay council tax?

You can pay either via a local Post Office, your dedicated council tax contact number, through your local authority’s website, or physically in your local council offices. Alternatively, you can arrange for a direct debit to be set up so that you never need to worry about forgetting to clear a payment.

Other ways to contact council tax support

You can find HMRC on Twitter here.

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