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For people who live in the UK and are affected by illness or disability that prevents them from working, there are thankfully a number of arrangements that can be made to ensure that they receive financial support and aid when it is required the most. The government has made changes to the guidelines and eligibility for such awards over the past few years, and following the election of a Conservative majority parliament in 2015, changes were rolled out by the party in an effort to streamline and redesign the benefits system.

The system for providing disabled and seriously ill people with financial support was formerly known as the Disability Living Allowance (or DLA) program. This is being replaced and renewed with a new system known as the Personal Independence Plan (or PIP), and will require claimants to resubmit information on their situation and circumstances to be able to continue claiming for certain benefits. The new system has been designed and set up to be as smooth a transition for people as possible, however, there may be a waiting period between the submission of details and the acceptance or rejection of claims.

The PIP helpline has been set up to help existing DLA claimants move over to the new system without hassle, and to help new claimants understand exactly what is expected from them when they apply for the grant the first time. PIP support phone number is available, too, through GOV.UK, where the website has recently hosted information on what to expect from the changes that are going through. It is important that existing claimants of DLA make themselves aware of what is changing, why, and how to go on claiming.

We have included information for you below on what to expect from PIPs and who to contact for more advice.

Reasons Why you May Need to Phone PIP Contact Number

If you are disabled or are severely ill and unable to work part or full-time, there is every chance that you may be eligible for welfare granted from the PIP program. This is great news for anyone that may be suffering. However, you may also need to speak to PIP customer services if you are an existing DLA claimant, or if you need to make changes to your claim. The way in which this type of disability benefit has changed may seem confusing to some, and it is therefore important that you have as much information and advice as possible to hand so that you may be able to navigate through any forms you have been provided.

The PIP contact number should be called if you have any concerns about the progress of your application. While there is likely to be a lengthy waiting period between you sending an application back and waiting for a response due to the volume of applicants, you are always able to contact the relevant helpline on 0345 850 3322. The team at the support line are trained and available for you during business hours on weekdays to help answer any questions you may have about the claiming process.

You may need to call the PIP telephone number if you wish to appeal a decision, or if you wish to know more about what to do next with a claim that has not been decided in your favour. We have arranged some frequently asked questions for you towards the bottom of this page to help break things down into manageable amounts – and to help guide you through the PIP service so that you may continue to claim benefits offset by your illness, or so that you may safely claim for the first time.

How to Make a Complaint

If you wish to complain or to raise an escalated concern about your PIP claim, or the way in which your claim has been handled, you are encouraged to get in touch with the PIP support services via telephone as soon as you possibly can. This is because the majority of queries and concerns can be addressed and remedied head-on at the source, and that you may find that any problems that are escalating to be put into resolution as soon as you call. You will never know unless you call.

However, beyond this, there is still the option to contact the Department For Work and Pensions (DWP), for advice and support on any complaints you may have. The DWP operates and oversees a wide range of benefits and financial situations for UK residents, and they therefore need to spread their team across several areas to ensure that they can give residents the same amount of care and attention with each contact.

Writing to the DWP is simple – we’ve included details for you at the bottom of this page so that you can arrange to speak to a member of the team via post in no time at all.


How can I claim?

Claiming is simple – you may start any claim by calling the PIP helpline number on 0843 816 6318.

How much may I stand to receive via PIP?

The rate of pay which you may expect to receive directly by PIP will depend on your circumstances and your ability to work. According to GOV.UK, you may stand to receive between £21.80 and £139.75 per week – and this will be subject to an assessment so that a fair amount can be calculated for your particular situation. This rate is also judged on how your condition(s) affect your daily life and your inability to work, as opposed to solely on the condition or its severity itself.

I currently receive DLA – when will I be required to move to PIP?

You will be contacted via post as and when you will be required to roll your existing claims over to PIP. The DWP will write to you to let you know when your claim will cease, and what you need to do to apply for PIP in its stead. The PIP contact number is also available to help reduce any confusion over transfers between systems. The government also has a handy PIP checker on their website so that you may find out a little more information if needed.

Are there any circumstances through which I can continue to receive DLA?

Yes – if you are under or over a certain age. If you are under 16, or were born on or before 8th April 1948, you will still be able to continue claiming for DLA if you do so currently. If you are concerned about how these circumstances may affect you, you can always call the PIP phone number for further advice.

How will I be paid?

PIPs are paid out on a 4-weekly basis but are calculated at a weekly rate. These are also further broken down into two main parts – the Daily Living Component and the Mobility Component, both of which you will be assessed for in your assessment for the grant. Once again, your entitlement to a certain amount will depend entirely on how your condition is affecting your life, and this will be assessed ahead of any claims decisions being made.

What should I do if my circumstances change?

If your circumstances or details change in any way while you are claiming PIPs, you must contact the PIP phone number as soon as possible to update the team. PIP customer services will be able to amend your details and your claim quickly and smoothly, and will therefore require little more from you other than a handful of details relevant to the changes. If, for example, your condition changes in any way, you move into a care home or hospital, you go abroad or if you are imprisoned or detained, you will need to inform the DWP. You will also need to do this even if your contact or doctor information changes.

Am I eligible?

If you are aged between 16 and 64 and are experiencing difficulties with daily living or even mobility, you may be eligible to claim through the PIPs system. These conditions must affect the way that you live and move around, and you must have experienced them for at least three months – and expect them to continue for up to at least nine. GOV.UK has further information on what to expect from judgment here.

How do I claim against a decision that has been made?

You can request that the DWP make a ‘mandatory reconsideration’, through which the department will reassess your claim head-on. This will need to be made within a month of your claim rejection and you must give full and precise details as to why you wish to refute the decision made. You may also fill in a form for a notice of appeal to fill in and return – which you can find here.

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