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It’s not just public facing companies that have evolved online – it’s our governments, too. GOV.UK is the British government’s online support service to help break down the country’s legislation, policies and services that govern our everyday lives. From tax to passports, benefits to birth and death registrations, it’s a portal that has become something of a one-stop shop. While much information is available and accessible via the website, you can call various GOV.UK customer services directly on numbers we have listed in the below table.

As an umbrella for big UK organisations such as HMRC (for tax), DVLA (for driving licenses) and for state pension and benefits services, there are a wide range of contact numbers available. Much support can be gained by using the website’s online help centre, however, there are some occasions where you may need to speak directly to a member of staff. GOV.UK support comes in all shapes and sizes, of course depending upon the nature of your query.

GOV.UK history

The GOV.UK website was designed and launched in early 2012 as an easy point of contact for a number of governmental agencies and public services. Visitors can not only make arrangements for tax, pensions, driving licenses, passports and more, but can even learn more about the different departments that make up the government itself. Built to not only be a front-facing contact between public and government services, it also provides a wealth of information and has helped to streamline certain processes that may have taken far longer previously.

GOV.UK Customer Services and functioning areas

If you need to make a change that requires legal assent, it’s likely that GOV.UK will be your first port of call. From financial matters to arranging for passport applications and learning more about how the court system operates, there are a whole host of reasons as to why you may wish to get in touch with a government agency. Here are just a few reasons as to why you may wish to contact support:

  1. Applying for a passport
  2. Applying for state pensions
  3. Applying for benefits
  4. Searching for work
  5. Paying tax
  6. Applying for childcare relief
  7. Looking for information on local law and courts
  8. Looking for information on government departments and processes
  9. Applying for a visa
  10. Setting up a business
  11. Registering births, deaths and marriages
  12. Looking for information on the education system and options available
  13. Applying for a driving licence and related concerns

As you can imagine, this is a rather large remit – meaning that GOV.UK customer services alone may not be able to hand the grand scale of queries and problems that may come their way. This is why GOV.UK is more of a hub as opposed to a general company – and why it is important to seek out the right contact number for you. Here is a brief breakdown of some of the departments operated by the web portal:

  1. Births, Marriages and Deaths
  2. Visas and Immigration
  3. HM Revenue and Customs
  4. DVLA
  5. Disability Support
  6. Universal Jobmatch
  7. Citizenship Queries
  8. Passport Office
  9. Department for Work and Pensions
  10. Justice

Whether you need to make an enquiry, an application or otherwise, it is important to find the right GOV.UK phone number for your particular query.

Making a complaint

While there is no catch-all GOV.UK complaints telephone number, there are processes in place in each relevant department and area. You are encouraged to contact the department in question via telephone wherever possible, but you are also welcome to contact in writing should you wish to make light of any detailed concerns.

The website’s contact page has a number of quick-access guides to help address problems online, along with a handy web form that can be filled out to provide comments regarding the website itself.


How do I apply for a passport?

Applying for a child or adult passport has never been easier – simply apply online, via a Post Office branch, or call the relevant passport office contact number. Please see our detailed table above for more information.

How do I pay my taxes online?

If you run a self-employed business or limited enterprise, you can pay your taxes and raise expenses with ease via HMRC’s self-assessment system. Ensuring that you keep a close record of your finances at all times, simply fill in your return online by 31st January each year and you’ll be able to pay as soon as you’ve calculated your return. Ensure that you have all evidence and records in place to back up your return, however, as you may be requested to give evidence.

How do I make a change to my driving licence?

Currently offering quick turnarounds, the DVLA can amend the details on any UK driving licence with a minimum of information providing you log in via the relevant page on the GOV.UK website. If you move home, for example, you will need to inform the DVLA so that they may send an amended licence to you.

How do I search for jobs?

You can use the government’s Universal Jobmatch system to look for employment relevant to your skills and expertise. Open to all UK citizens, this system is also primarily used to help unemployed people find a job on long and short term contracts, and it is a requirement of those on job seeking benefits to make use of its portal to evidence applications made.

I have comments regarding the website itself, how do I make them known?

GOV.UK has a dedicated web form that you can fill in to make such comments and feedback – meaning that they can improve based upon user reports as and when they arise.

Contact GOV.UK further

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 Due to the large scope of GOV.UK, there is no one address or social media account to encompass all services – a good place to start will be the contact page, where you can determine the exact department you need to contact.