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Calls to this number cost 7p / minute plus your network operator’s access charge.

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Finding the right job for you can be difficult, and while there are some of us who will be happy to do any work that pays the bills, getting to the interview alone can be difficult business. Thankfully, in the UK, there is a wealth of support offered to people who are actively looking for work – from guides, tips and tricks, one to one sessions, interview training and more besides, Job Centre Plus has become one of the best outlets of support for people up and down the UK who are in need of job seeking support. The Job Centre Plus helpline, too, is a handy port of call for anyone looking to get additional advice and guidance from a member of the employment support team. You can call the general Job Centre Plus contact number at any time on 0844 556 9355.

The way in which UK citizens can search for work has changed a little in the past few years, particularly online – while the previous Job Centre search site was set up to run alongside the many centres available up and down the country, it has since been replaced with a new system known as Universal Jobmatch, which is developed and run by job hunting site Monster. Job Centre Plus support, however, is always available in one form or another beyond the new website design and set up – meaning that if you prefer to speak to someone face-to-face or via telephone, you can do so without any hassle or stress.

If you are claiming for certain benefits, you will need to contact Job Centre Plus at the first opportunity. The Department of Work and Pensions operates all benefits relating to work and housing through the JCP system, meaning that if you are starting a new claim, making amendments or would simply like to know if you are eligible for certain grants or awards, the Job Centre Plus customer services team will be the one to call. You can set up or chase a claim in minutes with one call, or can visit your local branch for more information.

As the Job Centre is responsible for a great deal of support, guidance and even financial support, they have much ground to cover – they’re responsible for hosting job vacancies, job seeking workshops and more besides. To make things easier, we have taken the time to breakdown down many of the important numbers you’ll need when getting in touch with the team, meaning that you can now spend less time waiting in a queue or having to press various buttons to speak to different departments! We’ve also included further handy contact information for you at the bottom of this page should you need to raise concerns in writing.


What does Job Centre Plus do?

What don’t they do? They’re certainly one of the cornerstones of UK employment, with millions up and down the country dependent on their support, advice and financial assistance. They assess and grant benefits, provide job listings and application guides, support people actively looking to get back into work and more besides – meaning that if you are experiencing low income or are looking for work, they will be more than likely to help you as your first port of call.

Where is my nearest branch?

Most Job Centre Plus support centres are located in town and city centres – they’re developed and situated so that people can access them easily either by car, on foot or by public transport. If you are having difficulty finding your nearest office, or have recently moved house and need to know where to go to sign on, there is a handy office locator tool here. Simply make sure you advise the Job Centre Plus phone number team of any changes you have made to your circumstances before you change branch – as you will always be allocated to one particular office as your ‘home’ base.

What details will I need to inform Job Centre Plus about if they change?

Your benefits, whether you are seeking work, are unable to work or are acting as a carer or single parent, are subject to change. These changes will always likely take place when circumstances in your life alter – for example if you have children, get married or enter into a civil partnership, or if you move home. One of the biggest changes, too, is when you find a new job! In any case, it is always wise to let Job Centre Plus know about your circumstances as soon as they alter – as this means that any changes can be taken into account sooner rather than later. If you do not inform the team about such changes, you may be committing benefit fraud – so it’s just as well to keep them up to date.

What is ‘signing on’?

Signing on is the process through which you agree to attend your Job Centre office regularly if you are to receive job seeker’s allowance. This is a session to allow officers to take a closer look at how you are applying for work, what you are doing to gain employment and to assess whether or not you are doing enough. Not signing on, or refusing to undertake enough effort to look for work, may drastically affect your benefits – meaning that you will be required to comply with the centre if you wish to keep receiving certain benefit payments.

How do I start claiming benefits?

You can call the team directly on the Job Centre Plus phone number by dialling 0844 556 9355 to start a claim. However, if you are starting up a new job seeker’s allowance claim or similar, you will likely be required to attend your local Job Centre Plus office for an interview. This will be a short meeting where you will be assessed on your eligibility for the award, and for documents to be processed. It’s therefore important to make sure you have documents such as ID and proof of address to hand. These interviews and meetings take place to ensure that you receive the level of benefit award that you are entitled to.

When will I need to contact Job Centre Plus?

You will likely find that you need to call Job Centre Plus when you need to start a new claim, or if you have recently found yourself out of work. They are the first people to call if you wish to receive financial assistance while looking for work, and they are also available to help support people currently in employment who wish to advance their career. This means that the helpline is not just a benefits advice service – it’s a fantastic pillar of support for anyone looking to change jobs, advance their career or to simply find out more about employment opportunities in their local area. Here are just a few reasons why you may wish to call:

  1. Starting a claim
  2. Advising of circumstance changes
  3. Applying for work
  4. Arranging an office meeting
  5. Finding your nearest centre
  6. Making a complaint
  7. Making general enquiries
  8. Applying for alternative benefits
  9. Universal Jobmatch support

As you can see, the helpline caters to a wide range of support areas, meaning that it is often very popular – but one call is often all you will ever need if you have any benefits of employment concerns. For job searching, you are recommended to use the Universal Jobmatch service – however, the helpline can always point you in the right direction should you need a helping hand in getting started.

Making a Complaint

If you wish to escalate a concern regarding the way that your benefits are being processed, or are keen to appeal a decision made, you are often encouraged to call the Job Centre Plus telephone number as your first port of call. There is no Job Centre Plus complaints telephone number in place at this time, meaning that the main helpline will be your quickest and best avenue for seeking direct help, quickly.

However, there may be circumstances where you feel you need to take matters a step further – it’s thankfully been made easy for you to get in touch with the DWP in writing if you have any concerns regarding the way in which the department has handled your queries. You can write to them directly – and we have provided address information for them at the bottom of this page.

Other ways to get in touch with Job Centre Plus and the DWP

Visit the official GOV Website


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